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Braid’s out for PC

Posted in Computers, Games with tags , , on April 11, 2009 by Matthew VanDevander

For those people who haven’t gone out and bought a 360 just to play this game, (Which I’m guessing most of you haven’t) you can now play Braid on your PC!

I mean, seriously, it’s on Steam, if you haven’t played it now, just buy it already. It’s, in my opinion, one of the most impactful games that has been released in the past few years. And in addition to that, it’s just a really great game.

Don’t pass it up any longer.



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Not doing much right now, just putting this up from a public computer. About to go to my Old Testament class, which is the most sleep-inducing class of my school week. Unfortunately I’m already tired, so this is not going to be so good.

I’m currently mulling over some ideas for my next programming project. My goal is to keep myself working on making game projects so that I can actually be a developer. Rather than sitting around hoping that I’ll “be a game developer one day,” I figure I should just jump in and start completing projects. So far I’ve been making pretty good headway. I just don’t know what exactly I’m going to do next.

I’ve got some ideas for tools to make my big project (Fij, of course,) but I think it might be better of me to stick to actual game projects that are quite small and should only take about a week of work to implement. (barring any serious bugs, like the memory leak issue with my Pong clone) The main reason that I sort of feel this push as a necessary thing is that I want to learn game development, not just programming. And that means I need to learn as much as possible how to design and manage the programming and development of my projects until they are completed.

So, whilst doing other random things later today, I’ll hopefully try to mull for some ideas deep inside my brain.

Either that or I’ll just end up writing a space invaders clone.


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Another dumb game, but hey, it’s learning experience for me, and at least it’s better than tic-tac-toe:


As you can clearly see, the left paddle is going to lose.

As you can see, the left paddle is going to lose.


Pong (release).7z (7-zip format) – 1.15MB

How to Play:

Uhm, seriously… It’s just pong. Try not to miss the ball while also trying make the opponent miss the ball. First player to 10 points wins. There’s a single player mode with AI, and a two player mode as well. Have Fun!

Libraries used:

SDLSDL_image , SDL_mixer , SDL_ttf