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I guess I did forget this time…

Posted in Movie Reviews with tags , , on March 8, 2010 by Matthew VanDevander

So, it’s three months into 2010, and I still haven’t done all of my 2009 movie reviews…So, let’s get on with it.

But first, an update on Fij: Work has been stalled a bit recently. But I hope to get back on it soon. The next feature I hope to implement will be a bit difficult to…uhm…implement. Trees.

Alrighty then, on to the reviews…


So, I’m sure by now, everyone in the world and their mom has seen Borat. It was undoubtedly a great film, with an honest-yet-scathing look at the heart of America’s xenophobic culture during the last decade. Sacha Baron Cohen was deemed a comedic god, and everyone wondered what he would do next. So Bruno is a little of that, and a lot of something else.

Whereas Borat on the surface appeared to poke fun at Middle Easterners, underneath the surface of offensive Kazakhstanian stereotypes, the movie was really poking fun at Americans. Much of the joy that came from the scenes in Borat was the sense that the people Cohen was duping really just deserved what they were getting. They never seemed to see Borat as anything other than innocently uncultured.

The picture in Bruno is much different. Not only is Bruno a flaming gay stereotype which will quite easily offend the entire gay community, but as an audience member, you never really feel as if the people deserve what they’re getting. It’s mostly painful to watch, with little reward for your suffering. (I mean, what did Ron Paul do to deserve that?)

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