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dunceCast Episode 11 – GAME MUSIC SPECIAL

Posted in Podcasts with tags , , , , , on December 30, 2012 by Matthew VanDevander

For this weeks installment of the dunceCast. We bring you a split episode! The first half is the normal dunceCast you know and loathe, but the second half is all about video game music. We highlight some of the best soundtracks of this generation and also recount some of our favorite tunes of all time. Also, we edited in samples from every game we mention for your listening pleasure. Video game music can be damn good, son. Enjoy!

We know that this podcast’s file size is much larger than normal, but trust that this is to bring the music to you in its intended stereophonic juicy quality.

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Show notes can be found a line or two below this one:

The Wilhelm Scream. Super Troopers. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Aliens. McKay Used Books and Music (Also Movies and Video Games). Chipotle. Citizen Kane. Beyoncé facts. Humble Indie Bundle 7. Beavis and Butthead. Games with Beards. Final Fantasy III. Dragon Warrior IV. Castlevania. Davie’s Golden Nuggets of YouTube. Nin10doh. 8-Bit Theater. Epic Rap Battles of History. OneyNG. Megatokyo. Metal Gear Solid. Aetch Dee. Far Cry 2. Elder Scrolls Online. Ten Final Fantasy XV features.

The music for this week, in order of appearance:

1.Braid – Maenam
2.Braid – Lullaby Set
3.LindaCube – Overworld Theme
4.Dear Esther – I’ve Begun My Ascent
5.Dear Esther – Morse
6.Kingdom Hearts – Traverse Town (Combat)
7.The Walking Dead – Alive Inside
8.Katamari Damacy – Katamari on the Rocks
9.Super Hexagon – Hexagon Theme (Courtesy by Chipzel)
10.Metroid – Kraid’s Lair
11.Chozo XABY (Jamie Williams) – Kraid’s Lair (Super Metroid arrangement)
12.Zack Bogucki – Waking Kraid (Remix of Kraid’s Theme from Metroid)
13.Portal 2 – Reconstructing Science
14.Portal 2 – Machiavellian Bach
15.Zelda: A Link to the Past – Dark World
16.Zelda: A Link to the Past – Light World Dungeon
17.Bastion – In Case of Trouble
18.Final Fantasy XIII – Blinded by Light (Battle Theme)
19.Catherine – Symphony No. 5 in C Minor “Fate”
20.Final Fantasy 6 – Terra’s Theme (Overworld)
21.Super Meat Boy – Super Meat Boy! (Main Theme)
22.Super Meat Boy – Hot Damned (Ch 4 Light World)
23.Chrono Cross – Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World
24.VVVVVV – Pushing Onwards
25.Tetris – Tetris A (Main Theme)
26.Red Army Choir – Korobeiniki
27.Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP – Lone Star
28.Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Dracula’s Castle
29.Machinarium – Nanorobot Tune
30.Skyrim – Main Theme
31.Skyrim – Dawn
32.Bioshock – Ocean on His Shoulders
33.Bioshock – Cohens Masterpiece
34.Assassin’s Creed 2 – Ezio’s Family
35.Assassin’s Creed 3 – Main Theme
36.Assassin’s Creed 2 – Venice Rooftops


dunceCast Episode 10 – The APOCALYPTICAST

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It’s the end of the world as we knew it, but we’re fine. And hopefully so are you! This episode comes late for the apocalypse, but just in time for Christmas. So kick back, drink some hot cocoa or spiked egg nog (listener’s discretion) and listen to our sultry voices serenade you into a pleasure zone.

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Show Noats?

A Shakespearean dramedy. Humanity’s final year in review. KONY 2012!!! Double Fine Adventure and the rise of KickStarter. Ouya. Doom 3 BFG Edition. Oculus Rift. Previous dates in the past that the world ended in the past. NASA Mayan Apocalypto Q&A. Matthew’s 12 Video Games from 2012 that are better than Assassin’s Creed 3. Also Dark Souls. Some movies Davo saw this year, irregardless of release date. Davie’s Golden Nuggets of YouTube: Cinemassacre’s The Angry Video Game Nerd. Egoraptor. Game Grumps. Marble Hornets. GonzoSSM. Bravest Warriors. The Hobbit. Movie technology and the Internet as a negativity factory.

The music for this week, in order of appearance:

It’s the End of the World As We Know It by The Suicide Machines

Buttery Biscuit Base (Remix) by Masterchef

dunceCast Episode 9 – This Podcast is Frog Fractions 2

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And the dunces go marching in! dunceCast episode 9 has finally arrived, we hope you didn’t get too hyped up of anything. It’s been in development for a while, yes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t disappoint. Ah, well…what can we say. It’s just a click away to listen to an hour and a half of new piping-hot dunce cakes.

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The Notes you Show:

xXx: State of the Union. Defining “dunce.” Life of Pi. Logic versus Storytelling versus Twitter. Bottom Barrel Bacon Facts! Which controller is the best? Happy birthday, here’s a Hello Kitty vibrator. Halo 4’s story is wack, yo. David doesn’t finish Frog Fractions. Futilitris. CLOP. Thirty Flights of Loving. Bientôt l’été. Wierd shit from Japan. Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight.

The music for this week, in order of appearance:

Pickles by Yasha Swag

Will You Return? by The Avett Brothers

dunceCast Episode 8 – Seriously, I Can Explain The Primer Timeline!

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We thought we might just skip this weeks podcast, to see if anyone really missed us. But then we started to feel guilty and so we sat down and did it anyway. We hope you will appreciate our commitment to excellence and also dumb podcasts every week. If we are an apple, you are the worm. Or some other metaphor

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As usual, show notes:

Hostess goes down. Nintendo (Power) goes down. Primer is confusing but awesome. Some disgusting Bacon Facts! Bactrian Camels, Dromedary Emus and Alpacas, also Llamas. Final Fantasy 7 Character guessing game. Rap euphemism of the week. Games in mass media power rant. We all love Boobies. Dean Cain? 14 Bizarre Japanese Toys. Hannah Minx.

The music for this week, in order of appearance:

Way Down in the Hole by The Blind Boys of Alabama

Hey You by Pink Floyd

dunceCast Episode 7 – The Return of Bacon Facts

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What what? In the butt. The new shit is wrapped and ready for your lips. Oh sorry, podcast yeah. Here it is…uhmm. Listen to it?

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Showboat. Show notes. They are show notes and you want them.

Yellow snow. Santa Christ. The return of Bacon Facts. Davo’s Top 10 games for the N64. The Wire. The Walking Dead games. Mars Attacks! Sexy teachers are real, and a real problem. The Humble THQ controversy. The downsides of apartment living (paper thin walls and women being plowed close to them) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

The music for this week, in order of appearance:

Conditions of My Parole by Puscifer

Good Morning(The Future) by Rogue Wave