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Some new swagger…

Posted in Fij Teasers, Movie Reviews with tags , , , , on January 18, 2010 by Matthew VanDevander

Well, in Fij news, I’m still working away on it. I’m about halfway (I mean, how do you make an estimate of these things) done with the editor, and therefore, the underlying structure of the game. I’m in the process of refactoring some things so that I can add more features easily. I’ll leave you with something mysterious:

How do you forgive someone who never apologizes for what they’ve done?

Well, it’s 2010 now. In the past year, I watched a lot more movies than I usually do. Well, at least in theaters I mean. So perhaps I should talk about some more recent things I’ve seen. Or at least the ones that I didn’t already talk about…hmm…

So, I guess I’ll just go through all the movies I’ve seen that came out in 2009, including Up in the Air, which I just saw the day before yesterday, so I didn’t exactly see it in 2009, but it’s a film from the last year, so I’ll keep it in here. So, here’s my brief, or maybe not so brief reviews of 2009 in film.

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New banner! Yay!

Posted in Fij, Fij Teasers, Games, insiginificant with tags , , , , on February 3, 2009 by Matthew VanDevander

I have finally decided to make a banner for the blog, which you may gaze at to your hearts content. (Hint: It’s somewhere above this post.) It looks way better than the old banner, which wasn’t a banner at all by the way. And I guess you can also consider it a teaser for the game, considering the sources…hmm… In other news, if you’ll look up at the top of your browser window in the address bar, there’s should hopefully be a little (somewhat legible) image for my blog there as well. If not, blame WordPress for the tiny image.

In other news, I should have spent time writing an essay for my homework instead of creating that banner, so I’ll have to see you later.

Does anyone else find it odd that WordPress shows up as a misspelled word in WordPress’s post editor?

A better teaser…

Posted in Fij, Fij Teasers, Game Design, Games with tags , , , , , on February 2, 2009 by Matthew VanDevander

Sorry that this isn’t anything super amazing, but I re-did the animation that I showed in the last teaser. It was considered by everyone to be quite foxlike and very not squirrelish. So now it’s more squirrelish…I hope.

Look at it here!

And hopefully I’ll bring something a bit more exciting next time.

A little teaser

Posted in Fij, Fij Teasers with tags , , , , on January 26, 2009 by Matthew VanDevander

Well, I’m working on a new game project, and I figure I should give you a little bit of a taste of it.

Meet Fij

He’s a squirrel by the way, not a fox.

I should be able to have some more teaserish thingies in the next few days.