And the weekend comes to a close, uneventfully.

Sad to say I let the weekend pass by without doing anything very productive. However I do have some good news. I’m learning to program in C++

Maybe this could mean things for Fij, maybe not. I dunno. Just thought you might be interested. On second thought, you’re probably not.

*sigh* anyways….

Here’s something rather…interesting that I’ve found. It’s a little flash-based game about being trapped. I’ll just let you play it. Audience Award winner of the Nordic Game Jam 2009.

I’m so sleepy…

Hell week.

It’s a pretty hectic school week, and today in particular. I have two exams tomorrow, both of which I am vastly underprepared for. And It’s almost eleven o’clock. I’m currently taking a break from studying to chow down on some Taco Bell. (These Enchilada Platters are delish but filling.) So that’s why you see me typing instead of studying. Just thought I’d let everyone in the world have the chance to know how much I will bomb my Spanish and Recent American History Exams.

Oh, and the chick at the Taco Bell window asked me if I was Kurt Cobain, I’m not sure whether I should laugh or stab someone…

More progress should happen on the game during the next week, considering it’s Covocation week, which basically means that I don’t have homework and have to go to Chapel a lot.

New banner! Yay!

I have finally decided to make a banner for the blog, which you may gaze at to your hearts content. (Hint: It’s somewhere above this post.) It looks way better than the old banner, which wasn’t a banner at all by the way. And I guess you can also consider it a teaser for the game, considering the sources…hmm… In other news, if you’ll look up at the top of your browser window in the address bar, there’s should hopefully be a little (somewhat legible) image for my blog there as well. If not, blame WordPress for the tiny image.

In other news, I should have spent time writing an essay for my homework instead of creating that banner, so I’ll have to see you later.

Does anyone else find it odd that WordPress shows up as a misspelled word in WordPress’s post editor?

School trips and stuff…

Yeah, well I’ve been kinda ignoring this blog for maybe a little bit too long now. I haven’t even posted on it in probably 2 weeks or something. I’ve been gone on trips to…well basically all over the place. I went up to Washington D.C. two weeks ago for the national history day competition. I was competing in the category of group documentary. I didn’t even make the finals but I guess it was better for me to go and try/see what happens than to just say screw it…well anyways. We went to New York and Gettysburg and walked all around D.C. and I hurt my feets with all the walking… But eventually I returned home for a much needed rest.

Only to go on ANOTHER trip Continue reading “School trips and stuff…”

Stupid freaking slow internet…

I hereby declare that I have the slowest internet in the continental U.S. My inter-web comes chugging along at a whopping 28.8 kbps. This isn’t the worst thing in the world when all you want to do is read text pages, but for anything more, expect to wait a minute or so. Or three. And what’s worse, is because I still live at home with my parents, my dad has to share the connection with me, so he comes into my room and disconnects my computer from the internet whenever he needs/wants to use it. Usually to download porn. Anyways…. I leave the internet connected for ungodly amounts of time, because I download 100MB files and such through this tiny pipeline. (Usually games or other random wierd stuff, no porn though, I stopped looking at that a long time ago.)

Well, I guess there’s not really any point to this post, other than me venting my frustration…. Oh well.