School trips and stuff…

Yeah, well I’ve been kinda ignoring this blog for maybe a little bit too long now. I haven’t even posted on it in probably 2 weeks or something. I’ve been gone on trips to…well basically all over the place. I went up to Washington D.C. two weeks ago for the national history day competition. I was competing in the category of group documentary. I didn’t even make the finals but I guess it was better for me to go and try/see what happens than to just say screw it…well anyways. We went to New York and Gettysburg and walked all around D.C. and I hurt my feets with all the walking… But eventually I returned home for a much needed rest.

Only to go on ANOTHER trip just a few days after I got back. Now I’m down in Orlando, FL. I LOVE FLORIDA MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD… We went to Atlanta for the FBLA competition, which I wasn’t actually part of, and now we’re at the national TSA conference/competition, where I’m competing in the Promotional Graphics category (basically you make a poster which represents, in some way, this year’s theme. (Which happens to be “Shape the Future.”)

Well, these trips have been a lot of fun, and as great as it is to be staying in a townhouse condo in my favorite state…I can’t wait to get back home. I need some time alone. And I need to spend some time with my girlfriend. I’m lonely…

Oh well, I’ll stop being sentimental. Sorry that for all this posting on the blog, I still haven’t even updated any about my game projects. I’m currently working on a flash game, with sort of an asian theme to it. The game itself is meant mainly to be an experimental world in which I can explore certain feelings and emotions through music and animation. So, essentially, it’s not much of a “game” in the strict definition of the word, so much as it is an interactive animation. This is partially because I’m no good at coding in ActionScript, (or any other programming language, for that matter, except maybe some QBasic and a bit of Javascripting for games, but that’s kinda beside the point I guess) but it’s also an intelligent decision.