A lonely screenshot

Just thought you might like to see what Erik and I have been up to. (Very WIP obviously)


4 thoughts on “A lonely screenshot

    1. Yeah, C++ with SDL for window management, input, and all that stuff. SDL_Image for image loading. Rendering is OpenGL. I use FreeType for rendering TrueType fonts, although I have a custom font format for distribution which is independent of FreeType.

      So I guess that’s “pure” C++, not that it really matters. Somebody who used Unity would probably already be done with the game because they wouldn’t spend so much time on tech/tools.

      1. That is true. God knows I can’t wrap my head around Unity.
        Tool writing is fun, and it can carry over between projects fairly easily. Having a more GUI heavy interface would be good though, as right now the editor is about half GUI and half keyboard shortcuts.
        It’s very easy to implement new features when all you need is another key binding, but it gets unwieldy when most of the keyboard gets taken up by commands. And impenetrable.
        Quick and dirty gets the job done though.

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