dunceCast Episode 8 – Seriously, I Can Explain The Primer Timeline!

We thought we might just skip this weeks podcast, to see if anyone really missed us. But then we started to feel guilty and so we sat down and did it anyway. We hope you will appreciate our commitment to excellence and also dumb podcasts every week. If we are an apple, you are the worm. Or some other metaphor

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As usual, show notes:

Hostess goes down. Nintendo (Power) goes down. Primer is confusing but awesome. Some disgusting Bacon Facts! Bactrian Camels, Dromedary Emus and Alpacas, also Llamas. Final Fantasy 7 Character guessing game. Rap euphemism of the week. Games in mass media power rant. We all love Boobies. Dean Cain? 14 Bizarre Japanese Toys. Hannah Minx.

The music for this week, in order of appearance:

Way Down in the Hole by The Blind Boys of Alabama

Hey You by Pink Floyd