A whole roguelike in only seven days!


So, theres this thing called Seven Day Rogue-like. (or 7DRL for short) It’s a friendly challenge held once a year to produce a game in the genre. I won’t go too much into what a roguelike is, as that can easily be satisfied with a Google search, but I will say that I am working on an entry called “Super Legend of DiveDive” (Dumb name, thats what you get when you name something before you start working on it.) Its basically a roguelike modeled after the dungeons from Zelda 1. “But wait,” you say, “Isn’t Binding of Isaac already a game?” Why yes, you irritatingly attentive little boy or girl. But this game is EXACTLY LIKE ZELDA! Just look at this screenshot up there!

So, please excuse the work in progress, but I would love to allow you an “early access beta” to try out DiveDive. (everybody’s doing it these days!) And if you buy in now, you can get it for the low low price of $0! (That’s €0 for you Youropean types)

DOWNLOAD THIS SHIT MAN! (It’s like 8.8MB of pure mindboggling beta software, all wrapped up in an easy to unzip package, haha I said package)

Features music by Kevin MacLeod, used under Creative Commons license.