Dear friend, please play The Witness

So, some of you may have heard me talk about this game, The Witness, over the past several years. I have not finished playing it, but I have played enough to say with certainty that it is both better than even I expected (and I considered my expectations unreasonable) and it is the single best puzzle game ever designed. It is a triumph, and as a designer myself I am so far behind I don’t know that I could ever reach it.

In a word, it is astounding. If you enjoy puzzle games, pick it up on PC or PS4. Don’t read any more about it. Don’t watch videos about it. If you get stuck (and you will get stuck) don’t look up a solution online. Just sit down, get comfortable, play it alone, and prepare yourself for a revelation.

Pick it up on Steam here.

Or get it DRM-free (and support charity in the process) here!