I suppose it is unrealistic to suggest that performance is never an issue when creating a video game. Since the better a game performs, the more graphical tricks you can cram up your games proverbial sleeves. But with the speed of modern computers, 2D games tend to not require much optimization. And as they primarily use tile-based graphics, it is relatively trivial to determine which tiles in the level are on screen (and therefore should be drawn), and which are not.

However, there are some newer 2D games, such as Braid, or Aquaria which use a entirely different method for their graphics which is not tile-based, but instead uses images which can be repeated positioned, rotated, and scaled arbitrarily to build a level. These images are rendered to the screen using modern 3D graphics hardware, which—being designed for 3D games—is rather fast for this application. Even still, there can be quite a large number of these images building up a level, so it is useful to devise an accurate and speedy method for determining which objects are on screen, and which are not. Continue reading “Culling”



Not doing much right now, just putting this up from a public computer. About to go to my Old Testament class, which is the most sleep-inducing class of my school week. Unfortunately I’m already tired, so this is not going to be so good.

I’m currently mulling over some ideas for my next programming project. My goal is to keep myself working on making game projects so that I can actually be a developer. Rather than sitting around hoping that I’ll “be a game developer one day,” I figure I should just jump in and start completing projects. So far I’ve been making pretty good headway. I just don’t know what exactly I’m going to do next.

I’ve got some ideas for tools to make my big project (Fij, of course,) but I think it might be better of me to stick to actual game projects that are quite small and should only take about a week of work to implement. (barring any serious bugs, like the memory leak issue with my Pong clone) The main reason that I sort of feel this push as a necessary thing is that I want to learn game development, not just programming. And that means I need to learn as much as possible how to design and manage the programming and development of my projects until they are completed.

So, whilst doing other random things later today, I’ll hopefully try to mull for some ideas deep inside my brain.

Either that or I’ll just end up writing a space invaders clone.

Random post of dook.

I figure it’s been too long since I posted something on here, and although this post will not be long, it makes me feel more at ease.

I’ve been eating some Warheads candies for the first time in many years. They seem much less sour than I remember, but they still burn my tongue when I eat a bunch of them at once. They are certainly delishus.

Sad to say, not much progress on any game projects, as usual. My weekend has been spent with my fiancee, and not on any programming/flash goodness. So, I apologize to anyone who cares. Which is probably no one, but it’s out there in the open anyways.

Also not much progress on me becoming less sleepy. I have no clue why I am so tired all the time. Seriously. I got up at like 2PM, so I’ve only been awake like 11 hours, and I’m so freaking tired I feel like just sleeping all day tomorrow. But I do have classes, so I will not be able to do any such sleeping all day.

Dookie braing.

And the weekend comes to a close, uneventfully.

Sad to say I let the weekend pass by without doing anything very productive. However I do have some good news. I’m learning to program in C++

Maybe this could mean things for Fij, maybe not. I dunno. Just thought you might be interested. On second thought, you’re probably not.

*sigh* anyways….

Here’s something rather…interesting that I’ve found. It’s a little flash-based game about being trapped. I’ll just let you play it. Audience Award winner of the Nordic Game Jam 2009.

I’m so sleepy…

New banner! Yay!

I have finally decided to make a banner for the blog, which you may gaze at to your hearts content. (Hint: It’s somewhere above this post.) It looks way better than the old banner, which wasn’t a banner at all by the way. And I guess you can also consider it a teaser for the game, considering the sources…hmm… In other news, if you’ll look up at the top of your browser window in the address bar, there’s should hopefully be a little (somewhat legible) image for my blog there as well. If not, blame WordPress for the tiny image.

In other news, I should have spent time writing an essay for my homework instead of creating that banner, so I’ll have to see you later.

Does anyone else find it odd that WordPress shows up as a misspelled word in WordPress’s post editor?