Some forgotten things…

Somehow or another, I seem to have forgotten to post on the blog about this lecture I gave a short while ago. It is about how to go about designing puzzle games, with a focus on honesty and expression.

This video more or less coincides with my starting of a Patreon campaign to support the major articles or videos (and small games) that I do. It has been reasonably successful, although if you like the work that I do, then extra contributions will always be appreciated. 🙂

I suppose while I’m at it, I should also mention that I did some live puzzle-designing on twitch which you can find below:

And also, I never even mentioned my video essay series, Why Games Matter. Which you may find the latest episode of below:

Have to stop abandoning this blog completely. But hey, I do a lot of tweetering, so you should probably follow me there.

I’m also working on a new game…shhh…

Goode Ideas.

I just found an awesome video tutorial series that my friend Josh Goode ( pronounced “guud”) started called “Goode Ideas.” Check out the first episode here. The other two episodes may be accessed by going to Josh’s YouTube user page here.

You can visit Josh Goode’s personal website as well:

Hope you enjoyed it.