Good night, and good luck…

Yeah, I can pretty much see how it’s gonna go for me on here. I don’t get much time to post crap on here, and my life is fairly uninteresting most days. I don’t really have any active game projects at the moment.

I’m working on my pixel art skills at a board called pixelation. The board is very good about giving criticism, (by which I mean most of the people there are brutally honest) which is amazingly useful to me as an artist. To boot, there are many genuinely talented people who post regular work on the board.

This next Sunday I’m going to be gone on a trip with my computer teacher to two competitions, National History Day, and TSA. In both of the competitions I will be competing on the national level, although at the National History Day competition, I’m part of a two-man group project. So hopefully either my documentary or my poster design will do well at the competitions. The whole trip is going to last about a week, and I’m traveling to just outside of Washington D.C. and then down to Orlando. (Or at least I believe it was orlando…)

Anyways, The last movie I watched was Good Night and Good Luck, so I suppose it is time for another movie review.

On the whole, I’d say the movie was pretty good. It’s a George Clooney film, which if you haven’t seen any of his other films, I highly recommend you see his films, especially Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Good Night and Good Luck is quite different than Confessions, although they share some similarities. (Both movies drop to music exclusively as certain moments in the film, although Confessions uses it to an entirely different effect)

Probably the best adjective I can think of to describe the movie is “informative.” The movie is about a television news host who brought “dangerous” newscasts to CBS during the early 20th century, when the government was pointing fingers at everyone who might even have thought about being a communist. The movie can be exhausting at times, when entirely *unedited?* clips of news footage are shown, but overall the whole film was quite interesting and certainly worth checking out if you haven’t already researched the topic.

Good Night, and Good Luck…

Final Rating: 7/10

Definitely not going to change your life, but shows a different side to the media. Consistently we blame the media for simply feeding us what the government wants us to hear, but perhaps there is another side to the story.

Well, until next time…

Good night, and good luck.


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