Hell week.

It’s a pretty hectic school week, and today in particular. I have two exams tomorrow, both of which I am vastly underprepared for. And It’s almost eleven o’clock. I’m currently taking a break from studying to chow down on some Taco Bell. (These Enchilada Platters are delish but filling.) So that’s why you see me typing instead of studying. Just thought I’d let everyone in the world have the chance to know how much I will bomb my Spanish and Recent American History Exams.

Oh, and the chick at the Taco Bell window asked me if I was Kurt Cobain, I’m not sure whether I should laugh or stab someone…

More progress should happen on the game during the next week, considering it’s Covocation week, which basically means that I don’t have homework and have to go to Chapel a lot.


Good night, and good luck…

Yeah, I can pretty much see how it’s gonna go for me on here. I don’t get much time to post crap on here, and my life is fairly uninteresting most days. I don’t really have any active game projects at the moment.

I’m working on my pixel art skills at a board called pixelation. The board is very good about giving criticism, (by which I mean most of the people there are brutally honest) which is amazingly useful to me as an artist. To boot, there are many genuinely talented people who post regular work on the board.

This next Sunday I’m going to be gone on a trip with my computer teacher to two competitions, National History Day, and TSA. Continue reading “Good night, and good luck…”

Graduation and all that shnaz…

Well, I’m pretty much at that point in my life where I’m still not really sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I’m done with high school and it’s getting closer and closer and if I don’t figure out soon I may never do anything I want. I’m fixing to go to college and I’m really not sure if I want to throw all that money away on something that I don’t even know if it’s going to make me happy to do, or learn how to do. I’m planning on becoming a Spanish teacher but I don’t really know if that’s gonna make me happy. On one hand, there’s the positive that I get a summer every year for the rest of my life, but the negative is that I have to deal with kids and people for the rest of my life, as well as take a subservient position rather than “being my own boss.” It would be beyond awesome to me if I could actually make a living just doing my hobbies, but I’m almost certain that that’s a totally unrealistic expectation, so I guess I need to find something that will work. Something that will at least make me partially happy. Well, anyways. I’m just sticking with this teaching idea because I think that it will probably give me the time that I need to work on my side projects while actually being a job that I HAD to go to college to be able to do. I just think that it’s the most stupid thing in the world to go to college and then go get a job that you could’ve done just as well before you even spent all that time and money on your schooling.

Well, I don’t even know if that paragraph made any sense, and I’m sure I could go rambling on about my future and my incertainties about it for ever and ever. So I’ll just stop and attempt to stop typing run-on sentences.

In other news, I just recently watched two movies that I’m sure you’ve heard about, even if you don’t really know what they’re about. Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima. Continue reading “Graduation and all that shnaz…”