dunceCast Episode 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Were you crying out for more dunceCast after last weeks episode? Then your wish is my C:\COMMAND! Didn’t want more dunceCast? Please, make it stop? Well, TOO BAD! For we have returned with a bigger harder podcast this week to once again violate your earholes with. At least try to enjoy it.

P.S. Thanks to the technological wonders of variable bit rate encoding, today’s longer podcast comes in at a filesize which is smaller and more convenient to carry for today’s already well-encumbered American citizen. (No offense if you’re not American, we’re all fat-asses here.)

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By listening to this episode of the dunceCast, you agree to hear about all of the following:

Pineapple Pizza. Frog Fractions. More disgusting bacon facts. The “what else?” conspiracy. Eating women can be a bad thing. What the fuck can we learn from animals? Mice tears edition. 15 year old skeleton. James Bond in a Prius. U R A BUS. The Huffington Post is racist. Sonic on wheels. Stupid identity thieves. Man shoots skunk girl. Creepy virgin shots. (if that’s down). Apple rant. Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America (featuring James Earl Jones and Louie Anderson). The Price is Right still exists and has a website. Video Game Music QUIZ SHOW!!! Uncle Buck SUCKS ASS!!!

This week’s music:

Intro: El Scorcho by Weezer

Outro: The Gates of Rock N’ Roll by VAST

And some video game music you can look up on your own…