dunceCast Episode 3 – Six Degrees of Bacon Assassination

Were your ears bleeding from yesterday’s unedited mess of a podcast? M4A? What is that shit? Well, you will be glad to know we pulled a double shift at the dunceCast in order to get you a properly edited version as soon as we possibly could. And here it is! For her pleasure, once again; we present dunceCast Episode 3

(SPOILER WARNING! We talk freely about Assassin’s Creed 3 at the end of the podcast with spoilers up to the end of Sequence 3. So, don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

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Show notes for this week’s podcast. (Same as last post, reported for convenience):

Leather and iPhones. Cocaine or Treat. Moar Bacon facts. Romney rally in Ohio. Rombie Apocalypse. Robert Downey Jr. Due Date. PG guidelines. Movies need more naked dudes. Wierd news or The Onion. Human imagination and masturbation vs 7-Election. Mother Mary was Raped vs Ashton Kutcher in Brownface. Makeshift bidets. Famous beards of history. The Vatican supports James Bond this much. Christopher Walken was not in A view to a kill. Rhinos in Virginia. Slender man. And of course, Assassass’s Ass the Turd.

11:00AM (Daydreamer) by 10 Years.
Lessons Learned by Matt and Kim.

I remembered what I was forgetting on the podcast. You can now email the podcast at podcast (at) lowtideproductions.com. We will read/respond to any cool mail we get on the podcast.